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Smart Water Meters have been around for 20 years, and the demand is only set to increase in the future. Smart Water Meters provide a huge benefit to the environment by reducing the amount of potentially wasted water triggered by water leaks and burst pipes, which commonly go for weeks or months unnoticed. From a financial perspective, our water meters allow you to gain more control of your water costs by accurately monitoring the amount you use on an hourly basis.

At The Water Meter Guys, our smart water meters feature accurate hourly water meter readings that can be conveniently accessed online at any time. We’ve installed many water meters for property developers and body corporates all over Queensland - keeping in line with the necessary Council and Authority requirements set for the specific region.

The Water Meter Guys are the experts in water meters. We install secure, individual water meters to help you reduce consumption and save on your water bills

What is an Automatic Water Reader or Smart Water Meter?

An automatic water meter reader (known as a smart meter) is a small radio transmitter that records the number of pulses generated as water passes through the water meter. It is fitted to the water meter and transmits hourly meter readings by a small radio signal. Council processes the data, allowing almost real-time analysis of water consumption. Automatic water meter readers or smart water meters lead to cost savings for residents and for Councils.

Currently water meters are read by council quarterly, leading to excessive water charges if there is a water leak which has gone undetected for some time. With automatic water meters or smart water meters, there are hourly water meter readings and daily reports are generated, so unusual increases in water usage can be quickly detected and Council can advise individual property owners.

At The Water Meter Guys, we provide exceptional water meter installations to property developers, body corporates, and more, enabling you to accurately monitor water usage levels at all times

Home Smart Water Meter Solutions

Home smart water meters allow you to self-manage your water usage levels and ensure you’re not paying for any more water than you actually need. At The Water Meter Guys, our home smart water meter solutions are available for all property types - whether you own an apartment, unit, or any other housing.

Professional Smart Water Installations For All Property Types

The Water Meter Guys install professional smart water meters for a range of different property types in Queensland. For property developers, we ensure your smart water meter installations comply with Council requirements for your Development Application across your duplexes, units, or housing blocks.

If you manage Strata Tiled Units or properties where water rates are evenly split for each water user, then some residents may be paying for water that they’re not using. By investing in professional sub meter smart water installations for your property, your residents can pay for only the water they’re using - providing a fairer and more sustainable solution to water usage.

Invest in Smart Water Meters today - reduce consumption, cut costs, and save the environment all in one

Benefits of Smart Water Meter Installations

Smart water meters provide significant cost savings over the long term. Residents, utility providers, property owners, body corporates, councils (among others) all experience a range of benefits from investing in our meter installations.

The benefits of having such installations in your property include the following

  • See accurate hourly readings of your water usage levels online
  • Promptly identify and resolve any potential water leaks or unusually excessive water usage levels
  • Cut down on water wastage and contribute to a healthier environment
  • Reduce your water bills by only paying for the water that you’ve used

Knowledgeable Smart Water Meter Installers

At The Water Meter Guys, all our smart water meter installers and staff are inducted Licensed Plumbers with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the plumbing industry. We use the latest plumbing technology to deliver you robust and reliable water meters for all types of properties. For all your smart water meter needs, get in touch with our knowledgeable and professional team at The Water Meter Guys today.

The Water Meter Guys are the experts in smart water meter installations in Queensland.

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