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If you’re a property owner of an apartment block or live in an apartment property with water utility bills split evenly across all residents, you’ll find that you or other tenants may be unfairly paying for water that they haven't even used. At The Water Meter Guys, we install individual water meters in apartments and other property types to ensure water usage is fair, equitable, and resourceful.

We offer individual and sub meter water meter installations for apartments and strata titled properties in Gold Coast & Brisbane regions. Our plumbing specialists are extremely knowledgeable across various council requirements in Queensland, and will ensure you’ll be at ease knowing our plumbing experts will take care of the installation of your water meters in accordance with relevant council regulations and rules.

From site inspections, assisting with council requirements, to fully installing and maintaining your water meters, The Water Meter Guys are the plumbing experts you can rely on. Gain more control and clarity on your apartment property’s water level usage with the services at The Water Meter Guys today.

Individual & Sub Water Meters for Apartments

Sub water meters are becoming the more preferred system for tracking water usage, especially for properties like apartments. No one should pay for water they’re not using, and our individual and sub water meters ensure just that. Individual and sub water meters allow water usage and resources to be split accordingly with each tenant - meaning everyone is paying for just the water they've used. No more, no less!

Our expertise at The Water Meter Guys extends beyond any other traditional plumber. You’ll have water meters for apartments that use the latest technologies, ensuring you’re cutting down on unnecessary water consumption and saving money in the long term.

Lower Your Water Bills With Us Today

Our team at The Water Guys are professionals at installing water meters for apartments. One of the best benefits of installing individual or sub water meter systems is that tenants are more aware of how much water their using - and more in control of what they're paying! This helps reduce water bills across tenants and ensures you're not wasting any more water resources than necessary. At The Water Meter Guys, we offer you quality services and a competitive price to setup your new water sub meters as well as individual water meters in Brisbane & Gold Coast, so that you can lower your water consumption and save on bills!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our individual and sub water meters are highly reliable and provide accurate information about water usage from each tenant. Water rates can sky rocket in apartment buildings, which can increase costs that you shouldn't have to pay for. We ensure that our water meters and sub meters are extremely accurate so you gain more control and clarify with your apartment complex's water usage levels.

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